7 others, including a bride lost their lives in an auto crash in Kano state

It was a tragic end for a bride and 7 members of her entourage who lost their lives as the bride were being conveyed to her husband’s home in Azare, Bauchi south, in a Honda Civic that crashed into moving tanker.
Eyewitness account told Vanguard that the incident occurred, Friday night, in Gaya, 65 kilometers from Southern Kano when the driver lost control at a diversion point and crashed into the tanker.
According to the witness “the accident occurred in Gaya on Kano-Maiduguri Federal highway around 7.05pm local time , by the time we got there we were confronted with lifeless bodies of 7 females and a male”.
The eyewitness revealed that “the police in Gaya conveyed the bodies to Gaya General Hospital.”
Vanguard learnt that the tragic accident also triggered traffic gridlock on the highways as commuters were forced to halt their journey due to pressure on the road by sympathizers who joined law enforcement agents in the recovery operation.


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