Interview with the initiator and chairman of planning committee of area 1 carnival

What’s your name?
My name is Kelvin Idahosa

What’s the purpose of area 1 carnival?
Area1 carnival is an event that is set to bring everybody in the neighborhood together; children, teenagers, youths and elders under an atmosphere of peace and harmony, so that they can express their gifts,talents and skills either in singing, dancing, poetry, drama, fashion and other forms of social activities/entertainment. It gears up to make people know more about themselves and create harmonious relationship between the people in the community. Thats the purpose of the carnival

When did it start?
It started over a decade ago but stopped a while due to some foreseen challenges. It was revived on the year 2008 were it started and kicked-off officially. So far it has been done three times in area 1 section 1 and two times in area 1 section 2 garki Abuja, so that area 1 section 2 residents can get involve in it.

Is it only for area 1 section 2 residents?
In quote it is a area 1 stuff both section 1 and 2

We discovered that other areas in garki Abuja are also doing their own area carnival. So which area is the first area to start area carnival in garki Abuja?
Area 1 is the first community to organize such a wonderful event. other areas in garki have imbibed this culture such as; area 2, area 3, area 7, area8, area 10 and area 11.

So what are your plans for the whole areas?
Well, i and my colleagues are planning how we can organize Garki carnival. He said


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