University Rush, these message is for all freshers of universities

This is an expository article. This article will help the female fresh students in the university. Put this in mind before you read, since you’re a fresh campus girl, many old male student will be on your tail especially if you’re so beautiful.

‘University rush’ is a deceptive period or tradition in the university when old male students are in so much hurry to take advantage of fresh female students popularly called female jambitos. The old male students are very aware that, the fresh female students are bunch of #novice with very low self-esteem. These fresh girls can be easily misguided and lured into their bed to satisfy their sexual yearnings popularly described as *congy* Congy level is usually very high and guided with desperations during October Rush. They also extort resources like money and food items/other provisions from these fresh female students. The old male students apply different deceptive tactics on the minds of fresh female students to beguile their avid interest. Some of these deceptive tactics are listed below with brief explanations.

¤ Playing Good Samaritan – this is one major role that favours old male students easily. It’s so easy for them to use it because of their experiences in the university as old students. So they’ve all the informatons they need. Informations fresh female students cannot do without. Registrations and other protocols in school are terrible processes for fresh students. The old male students will ensure they do everything to help them out. That way the fresh girls will always call them for help. After everything, they’ll woo these fresh girls. They’ll accept to be their girlfriend because they believe the old male student has done so much to show they care about them. And that’s it, sex will take over. Their tenure will expire when another set of fresh girls comes in.

¤ Big Boys Display – Old male students also use their appearance to impress fresh girls. They dress cute, handle expensive phones, live in exotic lodges and more. With all that, fresh girls easily fall for them.

¤ Use of Devil’s Smiles – this tactic is very treacherous. The brilliant ones in school use this tactic intelligently. They’ll give fresh girls sound advise and orientations. They’ll tell them the real life in the university and everything going on. They’ll tell them how dangerous the school is and who or not to mingle with. They’ll tell them everything they need to know. They’ll strongly advise them to face their studies. They’ll even call these fresh girls and take them to class to read and even teach them. They’ll present their charming good personality and intellect to these fresh girls. But everything they do has interior motives.

¤ Intimidations – the cult groups use this tactics. They’ll threaten the fresh girls and force them to date them. If they refuse, they’ll tell them that they’ll make life unbearable in school for them. When these fresh girls give in out of fear, they’ll be used as sex toys mostly. The fresh girls that fall into such traps, really pass through a lot. The truth is that, the cult guys can’t really harm them, if they refuse to date them. But the fresh girls don’t know that.

¤ Following Proximity – this tactic is used by old students living near fresh girls. Since they’re lodgemates, they’ll use that medium to get closer to them. They’ll make friends with them and maintain a friendly rapport with them. And from there they’ll become lodgemates with benefits. They’ll begin to spend the night in each other rooms and that is it, sex stories will ensue.

¤ Encroaching Familiarity – this tactic is specific for some old male students. Before an old male student can apply this tactic, he must know the girl or someone who relates to the girl far from the school. For example, an old male student who happened to be given a fresh female student by his friend or neighbour to help put her through since she’s new, will want to have his own bite at the cherry. The old student was given an inch but he’ll take a mile instead. He’ll use his familiarity with the fresh girl or someone tied to her to buy his way through her.

Those are the few tactics, there are other tactics too. So fresh girls, at least you’ve an idea of what to expect.

This part is very important. HIV/AIDS spread silently like wild fire in the university. But you’ll never ever know. Everyone student appear healthy, clean with happy faces like they’re all negative. But many of them are having the virus. Most of them don’t even know they’re positive. Be careful of the company you will keep or intend to keep.

And also it’s not all lodges are suitable for fresh students to live. Make inquiries from knowledgeable older students. Find out the lodge that will be okay for you as a new student. And not just anyone can be a suitable roommate too. Choose wisely. Be careful.


4 thoughts on “University Rush, these message is for all freshers of universities

  1. One should know who he or she is and constantly remind himself of of the reason why he came to the university in the first place. This takes away many campus distractions.

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