Revelation of The Autopsy Report of Late Precious Nightair Daniel

Autopsy Report, From The Hospital, Concerning Late Precious Nightair Daniel

Report from Inspector Halil Bey of the CID department famagusta police, who is in charge of the case of our late brother precious, reported that after the autopsy and investigation carried out, that he died as a result of a fall from the 5th floor (3:00 am) to the basement, when he tried to gain access into his apartment through the bathroom window. From the autopsy, there was no sign of fight or struggle, only the bones and the back head that broke, due to the way fell, and he had some amount of alcohol in his system.

Please note that, he lost his key to his house and that’s why he attempted to do what he did.

This is the official report, any other report aside from this is false.
Culled from Face of change (Easter Mediterranean University) Northern Cyprus.

Photo @ ww.anuforojames,

Photo of precious when he was still alive


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