Unical Lecturer got shot in is offfice

CGUNMEN suspected to be students, Tuesday, shot a lecturer in the University of Calabar, Dr Godwin Iwatt in his office mortally wounding him.
The lecturer who was shot in the stomach was rushed to the General Hospital Calabar where he is still in a coma at the emergency unit of the hospital with doctors battling to save his life.
An eyewitness who spoke to Vanguard on condition of anonymity said the lecturer was in his office at the Department of Microbiology at about 3 pm when two persons suspected to be students went into his office and opened fire on him.

Malala: abducted Nigerian girls are my sisters

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, said Wednesday she sees the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist militants in Nigeria as her sisters.
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Speaking on CNN, Malala said the extremist group Boko Haram behind the mass abduction does not understand Islam and has not studied the Koran.

“They are actually misusing the name of Islam because they have forgotten that the word islam means ‘peace,’” Malala said.

She added: “When I heard about the girls in Nigeria being abducted I felt very sad and I thought that my sisters are in prison and I thought that I should speak up for them.”

Malala was shot by a Taliban gunman in 2012 over her outspoken views on education for girls in her home region of northwest Pakistan. After undergoing extensive medical treatment, she now lives in Britain.

Malala told CNN that Boko Haram’s acts were appalling.

“How can one imprison his own sisters and treat them in such a bad way?” she said, referring to the group’s threats to sell the girls into slavery.

“They have not studied Islam yet, they have not studied the Koran yet and they should go and learn Islam,” she said.

Several countries have offered their help to Nigeria to find the girls, whose abduction has prompted an international outcry.

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One day john paul was aspiring to become an engineer. So he was not that good in physics he manged to pass his exams, which made him to be in is final year.
After the lectures, john paul was with some of his course mates they were discussing about physics on the simplicity of it. john paul said “shall physics is simple but it is hard”. The word BUT has disqaulify the word physics simple that is how john paul failed physics and did not become the engineer he was aspiring to become. just because of a word called “BUT” that disqualify the word physics is simple.
Please lets be mindful of the words that proceed out of our mouth, no wonder the Bible says “THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH LIES IN OUR TOUNGUE”. Don’t use your tongue to destroy yourself.


Due to divine revelation and the Bible(Basic Instruction Before Living Earth) it has shown that heaven is so real.

Heaven is special and customize place prepared by God for those who fought a good fight of faith while on earth.

1 you must be born again
2 you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal lord and saviour.
3 you must preach the gospel about Christ which is simply called evengalism
4 you must win souls for christ.
5. Abstain from sin, i repeat from sin.
I have confidence in Christ , that if you can keep to this five basics necessities guiding the verge, heaven is yours.

It is eternity, what is enternity? eternity simply means continuity or life without end. Base on my own perspective after understanding some basic scriptures of the Holy Bible concerning eternity. I discovered, theologically speaking we have two types of eternity which are Stressles eternity and Stressful eternity.
Stressles eternity is been witness in Heaven while that of Stressful eternity is been witness in Hell fire which is also known as hades.

It is only meant for those that obey the status and ordnances of God here on earth.

This is a question that has always been in our lips during our childhood and till now when you here the word “PARADISE” what does it mean? it means a place of complete blissfulness, delightful and peaceful or extremely beautiful. Atleast i am convinced that the word PARADISE as given you a clue and an in depth knowlegde on how heaven is.
So my dear brothers and sisters in christ heaven is so real that you can’t even imagine to doubt or disbelieve it. For you to get to heaven you must abstain from anything that is unholy because our God is holy, no wonder the Bible says “WITHOUT HOLLINES NO MAN SHALL SEE GOD” God will give you the Grace to do so in Jesus Name, Amen.

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Faceof Change NOTE: his housemates said he has tried accessing the house through this same means before, and that’s why when he was missing, they checked from the top building, but could see nothing. As you can see from the picture, it’s very dark from the top, to the basement.

The case of him missing, was brought to US (NSS) on Friday, and that’s why we made the official report, that he was missing.

According to one of the housemates, he wanted to be sure again, that he didn’t slip on an attempt to enter the house, through the window, so he went to the basement (last floor) and was able to see through, the window of the people living there. He saw the corpse and then contacted the police.
Culled from Face of Change (Eastern Mediterran University) Northern Cyprus

His housemates got released today and photos of where he fell from

His housemates were arrested yesterday and was released today, after major interrogations. It is true that he wasn’t with the key, and the housemates where all in the library studying for the exams.The police has the official pictures of the scene, they took yesterday. Meanwhile we were able to take some pictures today. This is the top of the building, where he supposedly fell from and where he landed

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